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Historic, now there’s a word that’s starting to become overused. In the middle of a historic pandemic, Texas was hit by a historic blast of winter weather. These events, historic as they may be, are opportunities masquerading as challenges, and sure enough, our neighbors, friends and family are stepping up.

On Tuesday, we thanked power company linemen who braved the frigid cold temperatures and the icy and snowy road conditions to repair downed lines and substations. Some in our area went without power for half a day or longer, and they were literally left in the dark as to whether their outage was the result of damage to the system or the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’s order for rolling and controlled outages.

Oncor reported this morning that any outage in our area is now the result of damage to the system as rolling and controlled outages have been stopped. A quick peek at the outage map at 7 a.m. showed a total of two outages. That speaks to the work that linemen have done.

Also stepping up to the plate are Texas Department of Transportation employees who helped clear the main thoroughfares in and around Paris. While county roads and farm-to-market roads remained impassable or dangerous at best, main thoroughfares were as cleared as they could be, and they were driveable. That made a big difference in particular for the next group of people getting a shout-out.

Restaurants and businesses may have shut down for the safety of their employees, but law enforcement, paramedics and firefighters didn’t get a break. They remained vigilant, ready at a moment’s notice to help anyone in need, and particularly those whose vehicles became stuck.

This latest and historic bout of winter weather will remain a challenge through the early part of the weekend, but we have seen that we are in good hands. Our sincerest gratitude has been earned by those who served throughout this storm.

Klark Byrd

The Paris News Editorial Board publishes editorials on topics of local relevance on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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