Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley

Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley

Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley has released a detailed statement about the altercation between a black juvenile and a white adult man that sparked a protest Sunday at the Paris Police Department and later moved to North Main Street, where the street was blocked by protestors.

The unedited statement follows:

"At 1724 hours on June 27, police received a call of a fight in progress in the 1800 block of N Main St.

"Officers arrived to find that the fight was over with reports of a man with a gun.

"What the officers were able to find out from those involved was that a juvenile black male and adult black male were walking past the gas pumps. There was a vehicle gassing at the station and a white male and the juvenile black male exchanged words with the white male exiting the truck and confronting the black male. A fistfight ensued between these two, which ended shortly with the white male being slammed to the pavement and being knocked out. The other male in the vehicle exited to check on the unconscious one. A passerby had stopped at the scene and approached the general area of where the fight had taken place. The juvenile had picked up a silver pocketknife from the ground and this passerby ran back to his vehicle and produced a handgun, ordering both black males on the ground. A crowd of onlookers was growing larger and the individual with the handgun, went back to his vehicle and left the scene. The juvenile got back up and noticed the other white male who was with the man he fought digging around in his vehicle. He started backing up and noticed that he could see that the man was now holding an AR 15 as he could see the barrel of the rifle pointed at the ground from looking under the truck. This weapon was not pointed at anyone according to those actually involved. Evidentiary photographs were taken of the knife and the rifle. Both items were returned to their owners. All involved were allowed to leave the scene, as the investigation was to continue. The only injury reported was the man who was knocked unconscious.

"After this incident took place, the department became aware of many videos being shared on social media regarding the fight. The videos we have seen are consistent with the statements by those involved. We have not been able to find a video that shows the individual with the handgun or any video showing the actions of the individual with the rifle. If anyone has a video that shows any of those acts, please share with the department. The investigation continued with the individual who had the handgun coming forward and being identified. The investigation will continue and be presented to the County Attorney’s office for consideration of filing charges."

Bob Hundley

Chief of Police

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