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HONEY GROVE — Amid cautions that all plans are subject to change, Honey Grove ISD Superintendent Todd Morrison addressed parent questions and clarifications regarding the opening rules for the school district.

In addition to face-to-face classes, parents will have the option of remote learning, referred to by Morrison as “asynchronous learning.” For families following that path, daily check-ins with teachers are required to receive full attendance. Additionally, four hours worth of work will be provided to students each school day.

Students must also attend, whether virtually or otherwise, at least 90% of the class to receive credit.

For those registering for face-to-face classes, the school will have several Covid-19 precautions in place, including the use of social distancing and face coverings. All students from fourth grade and above are required to wear a face mask or shield outside the cafeteria, Morrison said. Although the school will provide face masks to students daily, students may bring their own as well.

“Now, I want you to understand that is coming down from the governor’s executive order. That’s not Honey Grove ISD saying that that’s what the rule should be in place right now. That is just Governor Abbott saying that’s what he believes we should be doing in our best interests to slow the curve of the virus. Our faculty members will also be wearing face masks or face shields, pending on how they view their lectures. They have an opportunity to do a face shield if they’re not comfortable with a face mask talking to the students,” Morrison said.

No words or any decisive or offensive symbols can be written on the masks, he added. Like with other apparel, they must be school appropriate.

Although Morrison did not expect class sizes to be lower than normal, he said that room would be made in the classrooms to allow for six feet social distancing guidelines.

Athletics and other extracurriculars are currently allowed, although Morrison cautioned that the ruling could change any day. He also added the final call would be up to the University Interscholastic League to determine.

“Like I said, this is a very fluid topic, and it moves quickly, so UIL could change that tomorrow. If they change that tomorrow, then we’ll have to readjust for what we’re doing. But right now, athletics is a go in regards to what’s transpiring there... But if you are choosing remote instruction, unless there is some extenuating circumstance that we don’t understand, then we think that you’re choosing not to be a part of extracurricular activities,” Morrison said.

Morrison concluded by adding that a form would be sent out to parents and guardians to establish a consensus on opening procedures.

“Whatever you choose, guys, as your path of instruction for your kiddo, without a doubt, I respect your decision, whichever way you choose. This is something that is unprecedented. This is something that changes every day, and it’s something that you got to make the best decision possible for you and your family. So whatever that choice is, I respect that… We’re going to monitor and adjust to the best of our ability, and we appreciate your help in that,” he said.

The district has opened a parent survey, which can be completed by clicking here.

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