Roxton Chisum Merger

I am Isabella Theye. I am 14 years old, and I’m an eighth-grade student at Roxton ISD. I’m sure all of you know by now that next school year Roxton ISD will be history. The plan that is hoped for is for Roxton to be consolidated with Chisum. The only thing with that though, is that both, the Roxton, and the Chisum District, have to vote yes.

There have been point of views from adults, but there has been little representation of the point of view from a student, that is being effected, by what is being discussed and negotiated. I would like to present to you, a student’s point of view. My point of view. The point of view of someone who cares about their future, and the future of others. A person who wants people to understand what it is like, for a student, in this hard and emotional time. And a point of view that may possibly change your mind. Please read till the end.

There has been talk of consolidation, for this go around, since last year. But I have learned that there has been talk if consolidation, for 30 years, or more. They made it through that time, but that isn’t the case for this time. We actually have to take action, and move forward. Or, at least, that is what we need to do. We need to move forward, and not be stuck in the past, and how things use to be. We need to look to the future, and make decisions by what is best for the people of the future, the students, and the children to come. After all, the children of today will become the adults of tomorrow.

It seems wrong that most people only care about what is happening in the moment, and about those dollar signs. They don’t care about what happens to the people effected, or what negative outcome it will have on the future, the people that they love, or the people that they don’t even know.

If one side votes no, it’s going to be hard on us students, from Roxton. Something that will happen is that it will no longer be the people’s decision about what happens to the property, or the students. Another thing is that we, the students, won’t know where we will be attending school next year, or anything about what will happen. On the other hand, if both sides vote yes, Chisum will try to make the transition as easy as they can. Another thing that will happen is that we will know where we go to school next year, and we will be able to get familiar with the Chisum Campus. I, myself, am hoping that both sides vote yes. It’s already decided that no matter what, there will be no school at Roxton ISD, past this school year, so why not make the best choice we can, that has the best effect on the future, and the people in it?

It’s been really hard for me to see the school that has basically been my life, that I have attended since Pre-K, and that I have a lot of memories in, head for the worst. It’s almost like watching the life drain from it, with my own eyes. Well, it is exactly that. It’s sad, and emotionally, and physically exhausting.

I have had dreams about graduating high school from Roxton, but those dreams are no more. A lot of my friends have already moved schools, and I’m probably never going to see them again, so, that doesn’t help the situation any.

The stress is great, and the tension is growing, as time edges on. Teachers, the very teachers that have helped me, are worrying about not having a job next year. To me, seeing them worry, is heartbreaking. Some of the teachers have already found jobs, though, and I’m happy for them, and I wish them a successful future. Something else that is heartbreaking, is seeing the board members, and the higher upper staff, have to make these really tough decisions.

Teachers are already starting to take things off the walls, and the classrooms look extremely different, and bare. The mood and the atmosphere are constantly changing. Sometimes it is happy, but then other times it is sad and depressing. A person can be happy, but the thought of whatever they don’t want to happen, will always be at the back of their mind, waiting for the perfect time to make them remember, and get them sad again. You can be having the best time ever, and then boom, just like that, you’re sad.

Another reason this year has been difficult, is because we haven’t had the opportunities, that we have had in the past. Like, for band, we haven’t gotten to play as much as we usually do, since in the past we played for high school ball games, and there wasn’t enough girls to have a team, and most of the guys that play are in the band, so we didn’t have enough people to play. Sometimes, the band is able to play for school lunches, and that is a good thing. We were also still able to do UIL, and I was glad about that. Even though there are good times like that, there are still some extremely sad times, like realizing that after this year I will probably never see any of the teachers, that have had a huge impact on my life, ever again. I’m going to miss them a lot. They still get up, get ready, come to work, and try to make it the best day for the students, and other staff, even though they know that they might not have a job for next year. Some of them check on students, if they notice that we are kind of sad. I’m thankful for those teachers, who have taken the time to ask if I was okay, whenever I was sad, and I hope that they continue to ask students if they are okay, at the next school that they go to.

One thing that I don’t really understand, is how I can be perfectly happy one moment, and then I hear someone talking about the consolidation, and the voting, etc., and then I’m sad. Some people tell me not to worry, and that it will turn out okay, but sometimes I wonder if it will.

There was a meeting, that I attended, about the consolidation, and what will happen if it happens, or if it doesn’t. To me, it seems like it will be better, for most people, if the consolidation happens. There will be a whole lot more opportunities, for the Roxton students. For example, there will be more people to be friends with. We will actually be able to pick a group of people to hang out with, instead of there being just a few people, so that you have to get along with everyone.

I could go on, and on, about the pros, cons and whatever else, but, I’m not going to do that. Hopefully what I have already said, will help make up your mind, about what you are going to choose. But, if it hasn’t, let me turn the table, and let you see it from a different view. What if you were a student at Roxton, and weren’t sure what will happen to you, and the future was totally unknown to you? That it felt like you were losing your friends, because you will probably never see them again? That you have to make a lot of changes, which you hope, is for the best? You’re scared about what the future holds for you? What would you want the adults to do? Would you want them to vote yes, or no? Would you want them to care about material things more than your future?

Let me leave you with this. What would you want other people to do, if you were a victim of the consolidation? I would like to ask you, to put off your decision, until you try to walk in a student’s shoes. And you have contemplated how it feels like to be a student going through this, and what the best thing is for a student, and the future. And then I hope that you are ready to make the right decision.

May the odds forever be in the adult’s of tomorrow’s favor!

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