The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without festive music, and KNB Music has everything experts and beginners alike need to get their groove on.

Kory Carmon decided to turn a lifelong passion into a business by purchasing what used to be Rockin’ L Music in Reno and adding his own touches, and he’s ready to help out any customer who wants to put an instrument under the Christmas tree this year.

Carmon still remembers the childhood joy of discovering music, recalling being 7 years old and playing his great-grandfather’s guitar. And although he gave it up for a few years, once he hit 11 he didn’t look back. Now he’s able to give the gift of music to musicians of all ages and skill levels with options for every budget.

After years in the U.S. Air Force, Carmon bounced around from Paris to Alabama, to Sulphur Springs, to Sherman and then back, but music always stuck with him wherever he went. So this year, he decided to go all in and asked former owners Karl and wife Glenna Louis if they’d be willing to sell. Despite some Covid-related hiccups, the store officially belongs to him and his wife now, and he’s tailored the inventory to match.

“(The former owners) carried band instruments, but I ended up selling off the ones that were left over because I really just don’t know that much about them,” Carmon said with a laugh, noting that he’s more of a drums-bass-guitar type of guy. But he still carries supplies like reeds, cleaning kits and oils for local school-age musicians who need to take care of their instruments.

Knowing that many parents may be looking for instruments for their youngsters who are interested in learning to play, Carmon has started offering packages that include everything a beginner would need to start playing electric guitar, including an amp, cords, a guitar and even instructional DVDs — a prepackaged gift, ready to play.

“It’s $279 for the kit, but you get everything all together, so you don’t have to go pick it all out individually,” he said.

Carmon said while many people might think starting out with an acoustic guitar would be the easiest option, electric guitars can actually be better for beginners because the body and neck are slimmer, making them easier to grasp.

However, acoustic guitars can last a lifetime — just like Carmon’s great-grandfather’s — so they can be a good investment too. Carmon sells ¾ size guitars, which he said are perfect for budding musicians whose hands aren’t quite big enough for the full deal.

Picking up one of the scaled-down guitars, Carmon said not only are they suited for kids, but provide an easy way for traveling musicians to pack light while still being able to bring their tunes with them.

Not only does Carmon’s store sell products for musicians, but he and two other musicians offer lessons for players looking to up their skills. Presents don’t have to end with an instrument, Carmon can keep the gift-giving going all year long with lessons to build talent and confidence.

Looking to the future, Carmon is expanding the range of guitars available to include higher-end brands like Guild and he’s planning on adding new items to his inventory, like fresh pedals and equipment used to make hip-hop beats or electronic music.

“There just aren’t many places around here that offer that kind of stuff,” Carmon said.

He wants to make equipment accessible to everyone who wants to play and has hopes of not only growing his inventory but his store as well to employ music lovers from all over Lamar County.

KNB Music is at 5475 Lamar Road in Reno.

Julia Furukawa is the assistant managing editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-8744 or at

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