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BONHAM — Seven new cases of the coronavirus have been discovered in Fannin County, according to County Health Authority Dr. James Froelich III. The total number of cases since testing began in March has reached 45, with two deaths, and at least 19 estimated recoveries.

Sheriff Mark Johnson and Warden Stacy King of the Fannin County Detention Center reported that a sixth inmate has tested positive for Covid-19. The 20-year-old man is quarantined and in good condition along with the other inmates who tested positive, Froelich reported. Two guards also have Covid-19, and both have been sent home to quarantine and are doing well, he said.

On Wednesday, a 90-year-old Bonham resident tested positive for the virus as a part of the state’s mandatory testing in all Texas nursing home facilities. The man remains asymptomatic a week later, yet as a precaution, he was moved to another extended care facility in Leonard. The new facility specializes in caring for Covid-19 nursing home patients, Froelich said.

A woman in her 40s also tested positive at the same Bonham facility.

“The samples collected were a result of the mandatory statewide testing of all nursing home employees and residents. Of all tests collected, only these two were positive. Both individuals were reported to have been totally asymptomatic despite the positive tests taken last week. The female employee is at home in quarantine at present as a precaution,” Froelich reported.

The first Leonard City resident to test positive was a 59-year-old man. The state health department had already declared him recovered when he was reported to Froelich, which the doctor noted as odd. Other cases include a 24-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman. Also, a 54-year-old woman living in Fannin County with a Hunt County mailing address also reported positive for the virus.

“Have a healthy and happy week as businesses reopen and we adjust to the ‘new norm,’” Froelich said in conclusion of his report. “In the interest of good local public health, please continue to be concerned and careful about your personal exposure to the coronavirus and considerate of others’ health. Be smart and do your part this week.”

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