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Texas Department of Public Safety Mega Center in Pflugerville.

AUSTIN — As the Texas Department of Public Safety continues with the phased reopening of driver license offices, the department is expanding in-person services across the state. This includes offering renewal and replacement appointments, as well as Saturday appointments for services at select offices.

Nearly 700,000 Texans had their driver’s license expire while offices were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic — this closure has created a backlog of customers needing to renew their licenses. The expansion of in-person services, as well as the addition of Saturday appointments specifically for renewal and replacement transactions, are both designed to help alleviate this backlog and provide Texans with the services they need most.

DPS launched an appointment solution in May, and now all services at driver license offices are available by appointment only.

DL offices are resuming in-office services for DL and identification card (ID) renewal and replacements. Again, these services are available by appointment only.

It’s important to remember that the extension for expiration dates that was granted in response to Covid-19 remains in effect. The extension means that if your Texas identification or license expires on or after March 13, 2020, it falls under the period covered by the State of Disaster Declaration related to Covid-19 and will remain valid for 60 days after which time DPS issues a public notice that the extension period for the disaster declaration has been lifted. This 60 day notice has not been issued, and Texans still have time to conduct their renewal transactions.

Driver license services are now offered by appointment only through the new appointment solution. Customers are able to book appointments for a specific day and time up to six months in advance. DPS has moved to appointments only as part of our efforts to provide additional convenience, reducing the time Texans spend waiting in line.

For customers who do not use the online scheduler, all offices do have a limited number of same day appointments available. These appointments fill up quickly and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

DPS encourages Texans to check the expiration date on their card and call 1-866-DL-RENEW (1-886-357-3639) or visit Texas.gov to see if they are eligible to conduct their transaction online, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The fee is the same for online, in-person and telephone renewals. Address changes and replacement of a lost DL or ID can also be taken care of online (or by mail) in many instances. Find out if you are eligible for online services by visiting Texas.gov.

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