A remarkable accomplishment, Pine Tree Ranch Assisted Living center, 2990 Pine Mill Road, is Covid-19 free and has been since the novel coronavirus hit Paris more than a year ago. To recognize the staff’s efforts, family and residents will gather at 5 p.m. Tuesday to celebrate.

“I think we are one of, if not the only facility in Paris that has not had Covid in the building, and now that we have surpassed a full year and now are at the point of offering the vaccine, I think that is worth celebrating,” Pine Tree Ranch manager Kim Rhein said.

Rhein credits the 15-bed facility with its size and the staff’s commitment to stepped up prevention methods and self-monitoring, along with help from above, for the Pine Tree Ranch success story.

“How did we do it? Well, of course there is the daily and multiple times a day the girls disinfect and clean the facility, along with them being great about self-monitoring and protecting themselves, as well as making sure all those who come in are doing the same,” Rhein said. “I feel like the Lord has had His hand on us, and gave His angels special instructions to watch over this facility’s residents and staff.”

Rhein said she believes the small, home-like facility allows staff to provide a focused one-on-one model of care, essentially becoming an extension of families.

“Like a family member, it becomes second nature for us to have a detailed awareness about each resident, and we are dedicated to serving them with a commitment that makes them feel like one of our own,” Rhein said. “Our staff is amazing. Heart for showing love to residents, families and each other is a trait we look for in a member of our team.”

Rhein said the center’s emphasis on providing both emotional and physical care has never been more vital than during the pandemic.

“Our families were forced to put all their trust in us and the care we provided because mandates and regulations would not allow them in for a very long time,” Rhein said. “We were used to our families coming by and having coffee or lunch and just hanging out and joking around with residents and staff.”

About Tuesday’s celebration, Rhein said staff will be individually recognized for their efforts. Those staffers are Elizabeth Chambers, kitchen staff, along with caregivers Terrie Wilson, Laura Mitchell, McKala Hively, Sharon Chambers, Brooklynn Nicar, Brooklyn Golightly, Lisa Glasgow, Gena Morrison and Geney Simmons.

Mary Madewell is a staff writer for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6976 or at mary.madewell@theparisnews.com.

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