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Paris High School graduate and local fitness trainer Jazlyn Pipkins recently wrote her first book, “Your King is Coming.”

Several years ago, Jazlyn Pipkins found herself deep in a toxic relationship. Tied up with a partner who was verbally abusive, she was led down a dark path that pushed her college studies to the wayside. But she didn’t let that stop her from finding herself and her faith.

“After that relationship, it brought me closer to God,” Pipkins said. “And that’s when I started seeing more and more of who He wanted me to be. … I started learning more and more about myself, and how women go through things with relationships and what to do, what not to do and how God can bring you out of this and that.”

The Paris High School graduate is a lifelong athlete, competing in track, basketball, volleyball and soccer, and now teaches group fitness classes — but now she’s an author too. Pipkins recently released her first book, “Your King is Coming,” a guide aimed at single women, intended to give them advice on how to build their relationship with God as their first husband before they start looking for a mortal one.

“So what the book is about is for women to basically focus more on their eternal king, who they’re going to be with for eternity, instead of longing for a physical king because when you do that, it takes your eye and your focus off of the eternal king,” Pipkins said. “And we all know, that’s not right. Because what that does is it leads us to heartbreaks and being lost in the wilderness … Losing ourselves, losing our health, losing our mind, because we’re trying to stretch for something that may not be for us or may not be for us yet.”

Pipkins ended up going to three different colleges before she graduated, playing sports along the way, but she said with each place she went to, her faith grew stronger, particularly in her conviction to work with other women.

“It was like everywhere that I went, God allowed me to minister to different women, my roommates and stuff like that. So that is like my passion ... I kept learning more and more about women, relationships and men.”

Because of her fraught relationship with men following her toxic partner in her early college days, Pipkins said she began to write down little quotes or journal entries with nuggets of wisdom she was learning as she made her way through life. Always passionate about writing, her book was borne of her trials and tribulations, her desire to inspire other women to strengthen their relationship with God and the encouragement of her father.

“My dad always told me like, ‘OK, you need to publish a book,’” Pipkins said. “And I’ve always known that I wanted to write a book because I’m a writer, I love to write, I have so many journals and notebooks.”

A busy woman with her job at Lamar National Bank and her fitness training business, Jazleticz, Pipkins said the coronavirus shutdowns actually presented her with an opportunity.

“When (Covid-19) started, I had time to sit down and be like, ‘OK, let’s do this book,’” Pipkins said. “I was trying to balance what to write and then God told me ‘I want you to write ‘Your King is Coming.’”

Ever humble, Pipkins doesn’t say she wrote the book. It was God who wrote it through her. It’s hard to describe how God communicates with her, but when He does, she just knows what she needs to do.

“It’s like hearing a voice from afar. And then you’re taking that step to try to hear it more clear. So you hear this voice, but you can’t really hear it clear, so you keep running to that voice. … It’s like a knowing, it’s like a touch,” Pipkins said. “And so I was like, ‘OK, this (book) is definitely something that God is wanting me to do…’ . It’s kind of tricky sometimes, but you get used to how God works.”

Pipkins’s book contains chapters full of lessons she’s learned during her journey as a single woman of God and hopes that other women who want to keep their focus on a higher calling before committing to a earthly partner will be inspired by it too.

Pipkins is working on getting her book available on Amazon, but for now, it can be purchased on her website, jazleticz.com.

Julia Furukawa is the assistant managing editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-8744 or at julia.furukawa@theparisnews.com.

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