Red River County Courthouse

Red River County Courthouse

CLARKSVILLE – Red River County Com-missioners voted to amend the Law Enforcement and Procedures policy to include high-pay risk stipends for sheriff’s office employees at a Tuesday morning meeting in the County Courthouse Annex.

Commissioners will fund the increased pay, which amounts to around $250 monthly, for each employee of the department from money earned by housing inmates in the county jail that are from outside the county. There are currently 35 employees in the office, and the sheriff will not get the stipend.

The money for the stipend is based on having an average of 20 out-of-county inmates in the jail monthly.

The county has budgeted $134,470 for the current fiscal year to pay for the added benefit.

For employees to be eligible, they must be employed for the entire pay period, and it will be paid only as long as the funds do not run out and there are enough funds to disperse evenly.

The funding method would also have to be revisited if the average number of out-of-county inmates rises or falls drastically.

“I think it is a good idea if it will help us retain employees,” Commissioner Jeff Moore said.

The funds will start showing up on the second check of the month, according to the policy statement.

Commissioners also:

Carried over $28,000 in the sheriff’s past budget to this year’s to help pay for a new vehicle;

Approved Commissioner Donnie Gentry’s request to sell four I-beams at auction;

Approved Commissioner David Hutson’s request to sell New Holland 6640 boom axe;

Approved Commissioner David Hutson’s request to buy a New Holland TS115A tractor with a boom axe. Commissioners voted that he could not spend more than $45,000 for the tractor.

David Money is the assistant managing editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6964 or

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