Out of town visitors to Paris now will also have more information to go off of when they visit the city’s iconic Eiffel Tower, thanks to the generosity of employees at Paris ISD.

The district career and technology director Caleb Tindel and ag teacher Sydney Hines together built a kiosk with a map for other interesting spots in Paris, set up in front of the tower.

“This is the number one tourist attraction in Lamar County,” Lamar County Chamber of Commerce President Paul Allen said. “A lot of people come off of the loop, stop here for pictures and get back on the loop. We had this idea for a kiosk to show the other places to visit.”

The design of the kiosk is similar to what’s on the Trail de Paris, with a map set between glass plates and even a QR code for more information. The kiosk has a bright red metal roof, to match the cowboy hat on the tower, and is powder-coated in a shiny black. The roof of the kiosk includes an engraved plate stating “Built for Lamar County Chamber of Commerce by Paris High School Agriculture Dept. 2020.”

The project was initially intended as a community service project for students at Paris High School, Tindel said, but after Spring Break this year, the students didn’t come back because of the pandemic.

“Later in the school year, Mr. Hines and I came up there (to the school) and decided to finish it ourselves,” Tindel said.

The pair used plasma cutters and CNC machines to etch out the design on the sides of the kiosk and welded it all together. It took about two days, he said. The whole process was a community project, Allen added, with Bodyguards and Bumpers providing the powder-coating of paint so the kiosk is weather and rust resistant. Cunningham Steel provided the material, and Pickle Printers created the map for the kiosk.

“It was just a great partnership,” Allen said. “We’re very proud of it.”

Kim Cox is the city editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6965 or at kim.cox@theparisnews.com.

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