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COOPER — City officials have reached an interlocal agreement with the fire department and agreed to two housekeeping resolutions to secure a state grant for a new fire truck.

The city will be responsible for all of the maintenance costs for the truck, Mayor Darren Braddy said.

“That’s what we do for all the (city) vehicles,” he said.

Cooper will match $5,000 for the Texas Community Development Block Grant, which in turn will pay for a $500,000 fire truck. As part of the requirement for the grant, the city had to approve resolutions for civil rights and fair

housing agreements.

The only requirement the city’s volunteer fire department had for the interlocal agreement was that the city take care of maintenance costs for the vehicle. The city will own the firetruck.

Also at the meeting, after a comment-less public hearing on the matter, councilmembers agreed to a zone change for 411 W. Ft. Worth St. The house that was on the lot burned down, and the

owners of the lot want to replace it with a new duplex, changing the zoning from single family to multi-family.

“It’s a great thing,” Braddy said. “It will bring in new fees, new construction and, of course, they own other properties around town.”

The newly-formed Cooper FFA Alumni group also approached the council with the idea of updating the show barn, which is owned by the city and has a 99-year lease with the Delta County Roping Club.

“It’s just kind of there,” Rocky Young said, “and not set up or very usable. This would all be done with alumni funds at no cost to the city.”

The alumni group wants to update the barn with a cattle show arena, tie outs for livestock, a new slab that won’t direct water into the barn, a washing station for livestock and even a new barn for showing lambs, goats and pigs. The new proposed barn would go on city land that’s not a part of the roping club’s lease, Young said.

“We want to do something for the kids of Delta County,” he said.

Braddy said he talked with Jason Murray with the roping club about the proposal.

“They are 100% for it,” Braddy said.

The city would have to add to the existing lease to make that happen, city attorney Jay Garrett said.

“We don’t want to write a whole new lease,” he said. “We would just amend the existing lease.”

And, then, the agreement could be formed for the new updates and new barn between the alumni group and the roping club, Garrett said. The city took no action, but all of the present council members gave verbal support.

Steagall added alumni members would help build the barn, and they were looking for volunteers. For information about how to help, contact Young at 903-517-3890.

Kim Cox is the city editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6965 or at

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