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Texas lawmakers have moved to apply the state's sales tax to goods sold by remote vendors who don't have physical operations in Texas.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar distributed $908 million dollars to cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts this month, a 31.5% increase over last year during the same time period. The allocations are based on sales made in April by businesses that report taxes monthly.

All Lamar County cities have continued to see a strong increase in tax revenue headed into the summer, except Sun Valley. The city saw a net allocation of $4,235.61, down 8.02% from the $4,605.36 during the same month last year. For the year, however, Sun Valley’s allocations have reached $25,122.76, up 20.34% from the year following.

Paris continues to top the charts of total income, with a monthly income of $931,179.69, up 29.17% from June 2020. The year-to-date allocation is up 20.53% compared to the same time last year.

Deport continues to lead in sales tax growth, up 65.05% from June 2020. It received $5,563.14 this month, increasing its year-to-date allocations to $37,670.54. That’s up 58.05% over the same time last year.

Reno’s monthly allocation is up 17.63% from the same month last year, reaching $32,310.36. The yearly total is up 26.26% compared to last year.

Toco and Blossom also saw sales tax growth, with Toco’s June allocation totaling $2,075.03, up 2.47% over June 2020 and Blossom’s totaling $11,524.02, up 8.99%. For the year, Toco has collected $11,896.20 in sales tax while Blossom has collected $61,534.13.

Roxton experienced high growth as well, with a 30.09% increase this month over June 2020. Year-to-date sales tax revenue is up from 2020 by 11.09%.

Lamar County itself also experienced increased sales tax collections. The county received $384,786.21 in sales tax revenue this month, a 12.24% increase from the same month last year. For the year, it has increased 18.85% from the same period, bringing the year-to-date collections to $2,237,928.62.

Red River County’s allocation increased by 1.4% over June 2020. For the month, they received $33,629 in sales tax revenue. The county’s total change for year over year is up 1.88% to $194,752.91.

Fannin County saw a significant upward change for the year at 28.99%. The net payment for the month is $126,593.11, an increase by 3.47% over June 2020. However, Honey Grove saw a major fall off in sales tax revenue, down 45.81% to $20,234.95. The city is still up for the year by 25.32% to $196,870.35. Bonham’s total for June is up 15.45% to $215,596.14. The to-date total for the year is $1,257,557.99, up 14.62%.

In Red River County, Clarksville and Detroit have both increased significantly from this time last year. Clarksville increased 59.7% to $57,146.45, while Detroit’s collections were up by 17.60% to $5,765.35. Both are up for the year, Clarksville by 23.86% and Detroit by 19.48%. However, Bogata saw tax revenue fall 47.79% for the month from the year before. The city received $8,305.81 in sales tax revenue this month, and its year-to-date payments are down by 46.67% to $48,853.28.

Delta County also saw an increase in sales tax revenue, up this month by 31.37% to $12,520.17. For the year, the county is up a whopping 51.11% to $90,027.70. Both Cooper and Pecan Gap have seen an increase this month, with Cooper up to 56.64% for a net payment of $17,702.40 for the month. Pecan Gap had a 15.59% increase to $733, falling short of reversing the year-to-date decline of 13.67% to $4,145.29.

Kareyn Hellmann is a summer intern for The Paris News.

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