Tony Bost

Inventors come from all corners of the world, but Lamar County has one of its own.

Born in Paris and raised in Sumner, Tony Bost is a 2012 North Lamar graduate and says he was prepared to amaze the world with the potential of his ambition.

Bost says he first began the process of inventing by merely applying a simple solution to something he or anyone else ordinarily complains about on a daily basis.

“I refer to the process as being a frustrations detective,” explains Bost. “Then stratagizing a solution to solve them and having an open mind in observance of everyday problems.”

Bost said his first actual invention to become a solid product was a sheer blessing, since it was at a moment when he wasn’t searching for a problem to solve that an enormous opportunity presented itself to him. He said his lifestyle of inventing began to intensely unfold for him and he began working day and night in constructing

not only his first invention, but his future as well.

“Everyday since my first invention, I have earnestly struggled to pursue the lifestyle of inventing though with a grateful attitude,” Bost says. “I am so blessed to have numerous ideas and a team to help me take them from paper to production.”

To date, Bost has well over 100 ideas and patented four, and says it takes time to produce and market products. He has investors from Paris backing his projects as they are formulated.

“The process of making an invention product ready is extemely difficult and lengthy,” said Bost. “I have over 100 ideas designed already but I can only release those which are protected and ready for manufacturing.”

So what has this young inventor come up with?

“The Vapor Master, the Pack ‘N’ Push, The XtendAbend, and the S.S.K.K.,” Bost says. “Each of these devices has been through patenting.”

Bost explains that Vapor Master is a product designed as a universal accessory to temporarily attached to the fuel port area of any automobile while at a gas station during the fueling process.

“The Vapor Master simply mounts to over 90 percent of all automobiles before you insert the fueling dispenser nozzle so that fumes and vapors are completely sealed off to reduce almost all dangers of explosions from static and cigarette flare ups while at the pump.”

According to Bost, the Vapor Master eliminates the exposure of almost all hydrocarbon emissions to the environment by amoving them safely into the EVAP vapor storing system within the vehicle rather than the environment. He said it is being altered as second application as a device that will be mounted and stabilized to all fuel pump dispensers to produce the same benefit and be more convenient.

The XtendAbend product began as a free-standing power strip accessary to eliminate the annoyance and hassle of having to search behind a couch, bed or inconvenient areas when need a power strip.

“The device has a telescoping ability which allows the power strip to quickly be brought down to a very low height and back up to about four feet tall,” explains Bost. “It was made adaptable to various power strips to be inserted to the top houseing component of the device which had a neck to contort the power strip in any desired.

“The design has now changed for the product to be marketed as the same device but at the top of the device there will be a a built in power strip with some enhanced features as far as packaging and assembly.”

The Pack “N” Push is a unique drawer-content compressing device that will solve common problems for anyone who has ever used a full drawer, said Bost.

“The Pack “N” Push is simply a two-way durable folding device which as a specific mounting feature for applying the device to the fron of the inside of any drawer so when the user goes to close the drawer, they can simply flip the panel over and with ease it completely compress all contents downwards as the panel slides under the top edge to prevent any clothes, wires, papers or other items from infringing the drawing the drawer from closing naturally.

“It comes in many designs and colors and can be used in numerous drawers in homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses, adding that his mother has them in drawers all over the house.”

Bost said his most favored device is the S.S.K.K or Super Spider Korner Killer. He said it will be available to the public soon.

“I will personally manufacture the devices under the trademark of S.S.K.K. which pertains to eliminating spiders and and any other insect that ever goes to any corner of a home or business,” said Bost. “The device was inspired to be created because of my personal frustration of having to always clean the corners of where I lived in a very well kept home where spiders would be found in the most unexpected areas.

“I would clean the corners in many rooms yet it didn’t stop the spiders from making their way back in and gathering into the corners, especially closets.”

Bost said the device can be applied to corners both high and low and in any room or underneath beds and other furniture items.

And the good news is, Bost was contacted Friday by a company that wants to produce his spider trap. He said the only condition he had concerning the deal is that it be released in Paris first.

One of the greatest challenges is getting a patent, which can cost up to $15,000.

“A person can have a world-changing idea but if you don’t know who to go to or how to engineer the product to a full-function device and either mass produce it yourself, then it will be a tough journey for any individual starting from the bottom,” said Bost. “After my first invention went through the patenting process, I spent the next six months studying day and night on how to professionally draft the most complex form of a patent document.

“By learning how to draft a patent myself has enabled me to cut out an extremely large amount of the initial expense.”

Bost also emphasizes that locating investors for a product is the toughest part of the process if people do not know who you are or what you have.

“To achieve having good investors it takes courage and the will to face rejection so that a person learns their success will truly be earned when it does occur.”

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