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Workers surround a sinkhole that opened up on the corner of Bonham Street and 1st Street NW Wednesday.

Crews were on the site of a sinkhole Wednesday in downtown Paris at the intersection of Bonham and 1st NW streets.

The sinkhole, thought to be caused by a cistern underneath the street, was discovered over the weekend, according to City Manager Grayson Path.

“Oscar Renda is excavating it to see what the issue might be,” Path said. “There are old cisterns in the corners of downtown, which might be the problem.”

The construction company on Monday covered the sinkhole with a steel plate until a crew could be freed from sewer work in another part of the city, according to Path.

“Hopefully we will find out what the issue is today and can put that back together again,” Path said.

Path cautioned drivers to be mindful of workers in the area.

The sinkhole is the second problem to crop up the downtown area with work associated with a $24 million Oscar Renda contract. An earlier water main break south of the intersection of Clarksville and South Main streets prompted Paris City Council discussion about the quality of work performed by Oscar Renda when crews discovered a part missing from a connection joint on the water main.

Mary Madewell is a staff writer for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6976 or at

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I believe the city performed the excavation looking for the cause of the sink hole, not Oscar Renda.

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