Fannin County Judge Randy Moore

Fannin County Judge Randy Moore

BONHAM — Fannin County Judge Randy Moore spoke in favor of Gov. Greg Abbott’s mask mandate on Saturday to mixed community reactions online. Abbot now requires masks at all public events or locations where people can not maintain six feet of space in between family units.

In public forum at Tuesday’s teleconference meeting, John Lanotey condemned Moore’s support of the order.

“Judge Moore, you spoke of the amount of coronavirus misinformation prevalent on social media, yet you then proceeded to do a blood pressure test with a mask on. This stunt that you did was the definition of misinformation. I would advise you to do real research on the subject, because I have … Let’s be clear. You are not going to peddle that narrative to the people of this county and get away with it. I urge you to look deep inside and do the right thing,” he said.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Moore addressed the specifics of the court’s reaction to the mask mandate, as well as particulars of the county’s disaster declaration.

Recently, the Texas Department of State Health Services canceled its direct reporting to county health officials due to overcrowded facilities. Moore attempted to contact the department to renew the weekly reports, which they declined.

“Right now, according to DSHS reporting, … right now, we have 112 cases,” Moore said.

He proceeded to lay down the guidelines for those who still planned to hold gatherings in light of Abbott’s recent order.

“Well, along those lines, if somebody had an event they were wanting to hold outside, I made up a letter basically saying what I believe the governor’s voice was. And what I said was, “For outdoor events, the public needs to follow these guidelines.Families should separate a minimum of 6 feet from other families, and if that is not possible, the masks are highly recommended for GA-28 amended July 2, 2020,” Moore said.

He also encouraged the use of hand sanitizer and other cleanliness factors.

In other business, the commissioners court also presented a distinguished service award to the Fannin County Historical Commission in recognition of its preservation program. Executive Director Mark Wolfe accepted the award.

The commissioners also accepted grant funding from the 2020 American Vote Act Election Security Sub-Grant to Texas Counties. The Texas Department of Public Safety office in Fannin County will reopen Saturday.

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