Detroit City Hall

Detroit City Hall

DETROIT — Detroit City Council is considering taking over management of the Tabernacle and Library at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Johnny McCoin, treasurer of the Detroit Lions Club, asked the council to consider taking the daily and financial management of the Tabernacle and Library. Both places are originally under the management of the Lions Club, but belong to the city. The council agreed, pending the approval of the measure at the Lions Club’s next meeting.

The club decided to give over management of both places in an effort to divert more funding to other projects such as a camp in Kerrville that helps blind children.

“That’s about the best thing [the Lion’s Club] has going for it in Texas, that Texas Lions camp. We’ve been giving 100% a year to them,” McCoin siad.

While in its care, the Lions Club has made the Tabernacle and Library pinnacles of the city.

“The City of Detroit Tabernacle is more or less self-sufficient, and it does belong to the City of Detroit and a lot of folks try to take care of it,” McCoin said.

After the Library’s previous owners terminated a lease, the Lions Club bought the lot and began renovating the property, thanks to donations from the community.

“Right now, we are doing some landscaping around it and planting some trees,” McCoin said.

So far, the Lion’s Club has planted about $500 worth of trees around the lot with labor being done by a volunteer.

Other matters discussed concerned the results of Fourth of July activities in the city.

Mayor Kenneth Snodgrass reported that the Detroit Volunteer Fire Department had its largest turnout to date at the annual pancake breakfast, raising about $4,900. This is the fire department’s main fundraising event for the year.

Councilors also discussed raising money for a concrete basketball court at the city park through a T-shirt sale. Approximately $10,000 to $15,000 is needed to fund the basketball court.

Jennifer Bussey is the assistant managing editor of The Paris News. She can be contacted at or 903-785-8744.

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