Cooper Junior High/Senior High School

COOPER — Cooper ISD will return to school Aug. 13 because of low Covid-19 counts, according to Superintendent Denicia Hohenberger.

“With currently low local case counts, as well as staff and parent input, Cooper ISD plans to begin school on Aug. 13,” she said. “We have two options for our students, according to parent choice: on-campus or remote learning (both with our great team of teachers). Each option will include as much healthy interaction and personal connection as is safely possible between students and our faculty.”

The district has released its plans on its website in order to “provide parents the opportunity to make informed decisions according to the unique needs of their families,” she said.

“Our on-campus plan includes health safety measures that still allow for warm, interactive classroom environments, while protecting from close proximity in larger group settings,” Hohenberger said. “For instance, we are adding outdoor play and picnic areas to allow for a great deal of outside time, without multiple classrooms being in the same area all at once.”

Last spring became something of a practice round for fall, and using that experience, the staff were able to build a better program for remote learning this fall, she said.

“Our teachers have been working very hard on remote learning preparations as well,” Hohenberger said “We have new software and tools that we are excited to utilize for a more authentic learning experience than we had available last spring.”

The whole staff has really come together, she added, to make the transition as easy as possible on parents, students and staff.

“Our entire staff and administrative team has worked hard to prepare robust plans for both settings, and we are hopeful that our students and parents will feel safe and comfortable with whichever plan is chosen,” Hohenberger said.

Whichever option parents choose for their children, they will be expected to stick with it for one grading period, which is six weeks. Bus transportation will be provided, but parents are encouraged to use their personal transportation.

A form will be put up on the district’s website,, for parents to fill out with their decision. For information, contact the district at 903-395-2111.

Kim Cox is the city editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6965 or at

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