Lamar County Courthouse

The Lamar County courthouse.

Lamar County now has more than $145,600 to add to the general fund, $10,816.75 extra for road and bridge repairs in Precincts 2 and 3, and $50,133.92 available for coronavirus-related election expenditures.

At a Lamar County commissioners meeting Monday, the court announced the acquisition of funds for road and bridge repairs from a reimbursement from TRAMC LLC for unused gravel for setting culverts as well as money received from scrap metal sold to Paris Iron and Metal, both to be used exclusively for road and bridge repairs.

The commissioners also approved the addition of $145,628.67 to the general fund from money received from the Texas Association of Counties, which will be allocated to pay sheriff’s office salaries and expenses, as well as money refunded from the county’s health insurance plan, which will be used to cover miscellaneous county expenses.

In additional revenue, County Auditor Kayla Hall also informed the court that the county has been approved for $50,133.92 in funding from the Texas Comptroller through the CARES Act HAVA Grant, which allocates money specifically for coronavirus-related precautions for election season, like paying for more polling staff and buying cleaning supplies. Hall said she did not think Lamar County would need to use all of the funding.

Commissioners Ronnie Bass and Lonnie Layton presented the court with several items from their precincts to be put into surplus for future sale, including two motors, a portable air compressor and three trailers, with bids starting at $14,500 each.

The salaries of Hall and her staff were approved, along with those of the shorthand court reporters for both the 62nd Judicial District and 6th Court District.

Maintenance and building superintendent Kerry Washington presented several upkeep and repair issues to the commissioners, including two leaks in the courthouse, one of which has been causing the building’s fire alarms to go off, and a broken overhead door and gate at the county jail. The commissioners approved bids from Reep’s Air and Refrigeration and Larry’s Overhead Doors for the repairs. Sheriff Scott Cass also announced that external lights at the jail will be replaced with LED bulbs using a refundable program through Oncor Energy, which will reimburse the county for the cost.

Julia Furukawa is the assistant managing editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-8744 or at

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