City of Clarksville

CLARSKVILLE — One resident spoke during a tax rate public hearing Tuesday night in the Clarksville City Hall.

“You’re fixing to have a lot of people raising cane,” property owner Jake Yoakum told council members of the proposed tax rate of 79 cents per $100 valuation for the coming fiscal year. “You guys need to think about what these guys make.”

Yoakum then mentioned he did not agree with the valuation of some of his properties.

“I’d be dancing in the street if my property was worth that,” he said of his latest valuation.

Councilor Gary Gray explained he was talking to the wrong board about that, saying it was the appraisal board that assesses property values.

Once the public hearing closed, Jimmy Holder, who owns a game room business in the city, told council it should charge more for the city’s business “stickers.”

“We pay the city for a sticker fee, but the city should charge more. The city could get more money from the fees and that is going to strengthen the police and fire departments,” Holder said, noting he regularly donates to the city to help it out. “We try to be an asset to the community.”

City Public Works Director Matt McAdoo reported on the results of his department’s recent truck-load sale.

“I was hoping to raise $15,000, but we ended up raising $23,896,” he said.

“We had a fantastic turnout,” he said of the added funds for the city. “We got rid of a lot of surplus equipment.”

Councilors also voted to make Oct. 30 the “official” trick or treat night. On that day, the Clarksville Youth Connection will host its Halloween celebration, and there will be candy giveaways around the square.

David Money is the assistant managing editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6964 or

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