New cotton gin

Visitors to the grand opening of the new PPF Gin and Warehouse examine the large cotton bales  ready to be cleaned and repacked. 


Almost 500 people came to the grand opening Thursday of PPF Gin and Warehouse. 

The PPF Gin and Warehouse, at 700 FM 1335 in Cooper, opened its doors to the public for the first time with a grand opening celebration.

Pat Pilgrim, owner of PPF Gin and Warehouse, said the gin should be completely up and running by Monday or Tuesday. 

“Farming has had a hard year this year with the weather,” Pilgrim said. “We just want to thank everyone who came to be a part of the grand opening celebration.”

Clayton Pilgrim, PPF manager, said they have been working to construct the new facility since July 6.

Clayton emphasized this is the only cotton gin of its kind within a 600-mile radius.  

“We are unique because of our cleaning, capacity, technology and logistics,” Clayton said. “There has never been a cotton gin built in Texas with this type of technology. We will be able to produce about 80,000 to 90,000 bales of cotton each year.”

The new gin will also feature 100 percent recyclable bags for shipping, Clayton said, as well as a permit from the USDA to pack their product directly into shipping containers to be shipped overseas. 

“Ninety percent of the United States cotton crop is shipped overseas,” said the PPF manager. “Being able to pack our own product for shipping is something many cotton gins cannot do.” 

He said there will hopefully be close to 30 employees working full-time at the warehouse.

“We work mostly with farmers in a 300 mile-radius,” Clayton said. “Cotton is a very viable crop in this area with the weather and soil we have.” 

The open house featured tours of the new warehouse and equipment, dinner provided by Pappas catering, live music from Wade White and The No Label Band and door prizes.


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