DEPORT — Roy Moll saw a need, and he’s rising to the challenge of fulfilling it.

Moll, owner of Global Tech Public Safety Equipment, has started selling personal protective equipment to fire and police departments and to home health agencies. The goal: to help the essential agencies save money on purchasing equipment.

“Anything for our police and fire departments — just because it’s for them, it costs more money. I was finding that I could actually search around and find things and not mark it up as high as everyone else, but still make enough money to feed my family,” Moll said.

Moll’s store also sells everyday equipment for departments such as lights, sirens and two-way radios.

“What sets us apart is most of our prices are far less than what other competitors are selling it for because we keep out overhead a lot. For instance, we just did the new truck for the Deport Fire Department. The total install of all the lights and everything was under $7,500. Your typical company that does the install charges about $75,000,” Moll said.

Recently, he started selling PPE because of requests from those departments.

“The reason we actually started selling PPE is because we’ve had fire departments who were unable to get it that were contacting us and asking us if we could get it since we get a lot of their other equipment,” he said. “Most of them were told there’s a shortage of PPE, and what we have discovered is that there is not a shortage, it’s just that they don’t have enough for what it’s costing.”

Police officers are uniquely vulnerable to possible infection because they must be in close proximity to the public to do their job, and they often don’t have the luxury of covering their faces or screening people for symptoms to do their job. In hard hit New York City, 17% of the police force is off work after contracting Covid-19, according to Time magazine.

Moll has been able to sell to counties in Oklahoma and he works closely with the North Lamar ISD Police Department.

The company has been operating for about five years and is located next door to the Literature and Learning Children’s Library.

“We had our shop right behind our house. When The Deport Times moved to Blossom, we bought their old building and moved to downtown,” Moll said.

He hopes to eventually pass the business onto his children.

Jennifer Bussey is the assistant managing editor of The Paris News. She can be contacted at or 903-785-8744.

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