CLARKSVILLE — Red River County commissioners voted to upgrade their county jail record-keeping system Monday during their meeting in the Red River County Annex.

In a unanimous vote, the commissioners decided to enter a lease agreement with Guardian RFID, with an upfront charge of $16,104 and a yearly fee thereafter of $4,397, which the county can pay quarterly, County Judge L.D. Williamson said.

“This will make it a whole lot simpler for our jailers to do their jobs,” Williamson said before the vote. “I think it is a good deal for us.”

The system will track inmates’ names and all records associated with that name such as housing assignment, mugshot, date and time the inmate was moved to an area in the jail or to court. It will also record any prescribed medications the inmates take and when it was given. The system will also record the staffer who collected the information, officials said.

“This will tell us if you are doing your job correctly, but it will also show if we have not been doing it correctly,” Williamson said.

He added the system would be particularly effective in documenting inmate medications.

“It will show what medications they take and when they need to take them. It will show when they were handed out,” Williamson said. “They will have to sign whether they take it or not. That way we will have a record so they can’t say we didn’t give it to them.”

Commissioners also voted to sign a new tax collection service contract with Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson to collect all delinquent property taxes. Richard Brand, an attorney for the firm, spoke to the commission before members voted on the contract. He told commissioners his firm had sent out 18,252 letters seeking return on back taxes that totaled $14,735,918 between July 2018 and July 2021. In that time, the firm has gotten 58 judgments for a return of $171,747 and 34 paid dismissals for $68,143.

“As of today, there are 154 suits pending,” he said.

The court authorized Commissioner David Hutson to go to Auction Express to bid on a bush hog and a dump truck, allowing him to bid up to $10,000 on the bushhog and $15,000 on the dump truck.

Hutson and Commissioner Dan Halley got the OK to sell a piece of equipment the county hasn’t used very much.

“It needs a new home,” Hutson said.

County Clerk Shawn Weemes reminded the commissioners that there will be an election on May 7, so funds will have to be made available for that.

David Money is the assistant managing editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6964 or

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