A record number of 93 Paris Independent School District students will participate in the Texas Future Problem Solving program’s State Bowl in San Marcus on April 13-15.

Crockett Intermediate School students captured two Texas Grand Champion titles in Community Problem Solving. Curt Fendley’s individual project Operation Empower and the team project Operation Extraordinary automatically advance to compete at the International Competition at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in June. Team members are Addison Andrew, Anderson Bunch, Ava Fitzgerald, Madeline Green, Destinee Gunn, Chase Lamb, Matthew Miller, and Blake Walker. 

In Scenario Writing, Crockett student Madeline Green placed first in Scenario Writing Author competition and advances to the International Scenario Writing Competition. 

Crockett student Anderson Bunch made finalist in Scenario Writing Performer competition and will compete at State Bowl for a chance to advance to International competition. They are coached by Debb Fleming. 

In Team Problem Solving, twenty-one teams won bids to compete.  These include ten teams in the Senior Division (grades 10-12) coached by Sandra Strom and Dr. Janet Dickey, five teams in the Middle Division (grades 7-9) coached by Jill Stone, Brent Wilburn, and Lisa Lipstraw, four in the Junior Division (grades 4-6) coached by Debb Fleming, and two in the NOVICE Junior Division (grade 4) coached by Tammy King.

Two students coached by Sandra Strom will compete in Individual Problem Solving in the Senior Division.

Pictured are Paris High School Seniors, Front row:  Lucas Grossnickle, Will Elliott, Keshauwn Ellis, Gabe Allen    Second row:  Reagan Benson, Anna Floyd, Deagan Dingman, Sarah Bloodworth, Zain Syed, Lilly Lewis, Garrett Wilson, Zach De la Garza, Reagan Stone, Kira McFadden, Hannah England, and Graham Bain   

Paris High School Juniors    Kellen Floyd, Darius Ellis, Drew Bush, Axeel Rodriguez, Akeirria Garvin, Ansley Downs, Alyssa Tacuyan, Nichole Hawkes, Miracle Valenzuela, Rhea Tabora, Carol Anne Starnes, Emma Napier    Not pictured:  Sahil Prakash

 Paris High School Sophomores Ben Lassiter, Zack Nation, Luke Gibbons, Jackson Gibo, Austin Whitaker, Bella Garrand, Keller Stripland, Evan De la Garza, Layn Hall, Kaitlynn Hutchins, Jocelyn Ting, Aislinn Taylor, Taylor White

 Paris High School Freshmen    Ammy Rivera, Nicole Tijerina, Aubry Scott, Ryan Tijerina, Chris Hutson, Sidney Frierson, Grace Perry, Clairah White, Mikaila Rogers, Allyssa Standifer, Melody Lehenbauer

Paris Junior High Front row: Grace Lowry, Shravya Singh, and Ella Harper    Middle row: Davis Green, Emma Fendley, Hanna Syed, Ava Hutchings and Adam Hartman     Back row:  Sophia Hamer, Abigail Perry, Madison Meyer, Kahryn Hoog and Sophie Stone

Crockett Intermediate School Front row:  Luke Lassiter, Cate Biard, Grant Frierson, Anna Grace Blassingame, Blake Walker, Matthew Miller, Destinee Gunn

Middle row: Carter Wall, Sophia Smallwood, Chase Lamb, Curt Fendley, Madeline Green Ava Fitzgerald, Debb Fleming

Back row: Alexandria  Mendoza, Preston Thompson, Luke de la Garza, Anderson Bunch, Addison Andrew, Mazy Frierson

Aikin Elementary School - Front row:  Camila Hinojosa, Hudson Harper, Madi Sherwood, Clary Biard    Back row: Elaina Nava, Zahra Tapia, Ian Johnson, Emmi Severson.

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