Roxton juniors and seniors for2019

Member of the junior and senior classes at Roxton ISD gather in the library to discuss the consolidation agreement between Roxton and Chisum ISDs.

At the end of May, the last Roxton graduating class will walk across the stage, the final note on more than 100 years of a lion’s roar.

In 1870, the city of Roxton commissioned a one-room building that served as the Methodist church and the growing town’s first school room.

The juniors and seniors of Roxton ISD sat down with The Paris News to talk about the upcoming consolidation with Chisum ISD and how it affects them.

“I feel kind of like we got lucky, because it’s ending as we’re graduating,” senior Nathaniel Epps said.

Hunter Carter, a junior, said the majority of his class has been together since pre-kindergarten.

“This school means a lot to some of us,” Carter said, adding he felt a little bit cheated. “I feel kind of gypped, because in order to be in the district, I have to drive to Chisum, and I live 30 minutes away from Chisum.”

The consolidation, Carter felt, was really only a matter of when.

“We’ve been running out of money for a long time,” he said.

Gideon Newman, a junior, joked that he’ll “always look good in red,” but after spending five years in Roxton, the consolidation had changed his feelings.

“I’ve always wanted to move schools, but just this year, I feel kind of different,” he said. “I want to end it here.”

Newman added that he felt the community “really tied into the school,” and said some events probably won’t be held after the consolidation goes through.

“I’ve heard we’re not doing the Hawg Waller after this,” he said.

Several of the juniors worried what would happen to the teacher, when some of them have only taught at Roxton. The school provided a lot of employment for people in the community, they said.

Christian Cheek, a junior, said a lot of the teachers would have to move on, and they wouldn’t see them anymore.

Sports will also be different for the juniors, Cheek said.

“We won’t have the same chemistry with them,” he said.

The juniors all agreed that even though Roxton had beaten Chisum at basketball, there would be more competition for a spot on the team. One of the students said he might play football.

Carter said at Chisum that his class would go from a small group of seven to however many there are at the 3A school.

“I’ve never had more than 13 people in a class before,” he said. “Teaching will be different, too.

“We’re closer to our teachers here,” he said. “And most of the students feel more like family.”

Discussing as a group, one of the students said he might just make his own ribbon, blue for Roxton, for his graduation robe in 2020.

Senior Frank Record said the consolidation doesn’t really affect him, one way or another.

“We’re graduating, so it doesn’t feel special,” he said.

Kim Cox is the city editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6965 or at

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