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The time to cast your vote on eight proposed Texas Constitution amendments is upon us. Election day is Nov. 2, but early voting is open now through Oct. 29.

Six Flags Over Texas had opened two years before and practically everyone was going there. Cousins of mine had gone the year it opened and had given me the lowdown on what was what at Six Flags. 

I drove myself to McKinney last week, the first time I have done so since December 2019, and I was utterly amazed at how much some of the roads and towns along the way have changed in that time.

I was able to finally try the best downhome cooking I may have ever had. Much to my dismay, I was told after that this new family friendly restaurant may not be able to stay in our town if traffic to it does not improve.

To issue an executive order by a duly elected governor to prohibit others from infringing on people’s freedoms is not acting as an autocrat.

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One October weekend I went over to Jefferson, and while cruising around I discovered that something was going on at the Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau.