I was appalled upon learning of Gary O’Connor’s recent racial slur towards Sen. Tim Scott. Why is it that so many feel the need to interject the difference of skin color into their opinions? There was no reason to use anything descriptive of Scott’s appearance.

Not that the slur was not bad enough, O’Connor went on to make matters worse with his justification. He stated he “thinks Tim Scott comes from a class of Black people who have forgotten their roots.” Why is anyone trying to villainize someone based on their opinion, beliefs or choices. It is not the place for any political party to try and assimilate people into one single set of beliefs.

For whatever reason, a Black man is just not allowed to willingly be a Republican. By doing so, they are labeled “not Black enough” or as deceived individuals. However, I look at Scott as an admirable Black man that has not forgotten his “roots” in America. He’s a man who does not use his “roots” as a barricade to success, but instead is determined to show nothing is impossible for any man or woman, no matter the color of their skin, their wealth or the neighborhood they grew up in.

If we want to move forward as a nation, we must stop looking to the past to explain who we are today. We cannot look at a Black person and limit them based on history or where they came from, nor can we look at a white person and limit them as racist seeking white supremacy. People across this globe are bullied, enslaved and beaten for reasons beyond skin color. The Democrat party has been king in creating and applying labels to people for decades. Those labels have created a negative, back-biting, socially bitter society.

My desire is that we can see our country move away from slurs and labels and get to the source of the issues in this country. We should work together to equally achieve the rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness in unity.

In conclusion, I think O’Connor should submit his resignation as chairman. If he cannot address someone with differing opinions without demeaning them as he did here, he should not be in a position of influence in our diverse community.

Robert Black is president of the Lamar County Conservatives.

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Mike Mosher

Pat Fallon, who rants the Trump big lie daily, and supports every racist move to suppress minority voting—the only way the current Republican Party can win an election, demands Gary O’Connor’s resignation for a dumb, insensitive comment, but one by someone who is manifestly not a racist. Let’s get real here..

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