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Once again, this community has turned out to support one of its own, showing how unwise it would be to underestimate the giving spirit here. Officer Kyle Martin is locked in battle with cancer, and his friends decided to lend a helping financial hand by hosting the Backing Our Brother Car & Bike Show on Saturday. Crowds came to listen to the live music, to enjoy the car show and to grab a bite to eat, all the while giving to the cause. Martin was amazed and undeniably grateful. The community has blessed him by taking at least one stumbling block off the road of his journey.

Thumbs up as well to all candidates who have filed to run in the upcoming primary election. Running for office is seldom an easy task, although it can be if there are no challengers. But elections are supposed to be about choice, and many of the upcoming races will be determined by the primary because, if history repeats, there will be a lack of other party challengers. That makes running in the primaries all the more important. For those considering a run, the deadline to file is Dec. 13. Don’t let it sneak on up you.

Thumbs down this week to our state lawmakers’ handling of the Texas electricity grid issues that have gone unfixed as we head into another winter. Lawmakers left a loophole that the power industry is leaping through, and that means the state’s grid is hardly in better shape than it was when February’s deadly deep freeze took hold. The most severe scenario considered by ERCOT for this winter — very high demand for power, extensive fossil fuel outages, and low renewable power production — does not capture the amount of power lost during February, The Texas Tribune reported. With any luck, Mother Nature will be kind this winter. That may be our only hope.

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