Letter to the Editor

Thousands upon thousands continue to mourn,

At the tragic death of our youth.

Thousands walk the street raising questions,

to get answers is like pulling tooth.

Another soul is yet lost,

who was someone’s dearly beloved child.

A Mother and father who once lingered near,

now left with court proceedings to file.

To Love your neighbor as yourself,

Should be a golden rule.

Nowhere seems to be safe,

Life is like drowning in a pool.

With one last struggle,

Against a strong wave.

Battling against the waters,

With one last breath to save.

We all bear the burden,

When a life is gone for no reason.

We experience suffering and pain,

That lasts for a long season.

Being part of a great nation,

That at times holds strong beliefs.

When will the wrath end?

When will there be relief?

But even in the midst,

Of one more horrific event,

I vow to remain A’WAKE,

Praying to God as my soul vents.

Mary Brown


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