I find a recent article from the Lamar County Democrat chair to be very fictional. When the left has a past they don’t like, they simply re-write it to reflect negatively on someone else instead of accepting their past and learning from it.

He tried to draw attention to the latest news of the KKK having a meeting in Lamar County later in the year to the Christians and the Republican/Conservatives in the county. In fact, his comparison even included an attempt to link a fine Black patriot, Texas GOP Leader Lt. Col. Allen West, to this.

This individual failed to explain that in 1865, it was members of the Democrat party that formed the KKK with the sole purpose of resisting the movement of the Republican Party. It was the duty of the KKK to stop both white and Black citizens from running on the Republican party ticket and pushing their equality agenda. It was that faction of the Democrat party that wanted segregation and white supremacy.

He went on to also try and demonize evangelicals for their role in what he perceives is wrong with America today. However, I ask, are there not Black evangelicals? Is there not one God? Does the white community worship a different God from that of the Black community? I believe he insinuated such thoughts.

How can we ever unite if we continue to manipulate history to fit our agenda? In America, many wrongs have been committed in its long history. It’s not something that true patriots try to hide, but rather something patriots try to learn from as it states in the U.S. Constitution, in order to form a more perfect union. That didn’t mean that from the very beginning it was perfect, but that the intent was to perfect it.

As a nation, we would accomplish much more if we would unite around the principles of our Constitution. It states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

That applies to all law-abiding, legal citizens of the United States of America.

It should raise alarms with all people of conviction when someone seeks to demonize the church of God. There is no good from this man’s article; in fact, his article even praised how great it is that we are censoring people.

As a white, Christian patriot leader in Lamar County, I want to state that I have absolutely nothing to do with the KKK and have no idea who is potentially trying to conduct meetings here. We can’t grow as a united people if we continue to work to divide one another. In recent years, I have been making attempts to bridge the gap, and I won’t stop now. My group will never support such things that the KKK was founded upon. For God and country, which means before political party or skin color.

Robert Black is president of Lamar County Conservatives.

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