Letter to the Editor

On the revalue of property again this year, last year even with the tax rate roll back, my taxes still went up with the revalue last year.

The governor has asked cities, counties and schools not to use a loophole in the property tax system to raise taxes. People are still having trouble making their bills from all this Covid-19 and the violent riots going on.

The city needs to stop this revalue tax system. Could this be why Turner Industries is shut down right now?

On top of this, Paris is going to raise your water and sewer bills. Does this council not know people can’t stand all these raises?

And my own opinion, the Paris Economic Development Corp. needs to be shut down. The way they give away our tax dollars and the expense to run it is not good.

I thank Bill Collins for his input on former councilman Benny Plata, who resigned his seat after council voted to censure him for a social media comment.

And check this out, the U.S. Congress gave Confederate veterans the same legal status as U.S. veterans (U.S. public law 85-425, section 410) and all Confederate graves were declared those of U.S. war dead. Those desecrating Confederate graves and monuments are defiling U.S. veterans, same as World War I, World War II, Korean, Vietnam or Middle East vets.

Every monument that has been taken down should be put back up at the expense of the people who took them down.

Bill Walker


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