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The Texas Senate has learned nothing from current events in Washington, D.C., nor does it appear capable of seeing trends.

The Senate on Wednesday approved a resolution introduced by Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, that lowered the threshold of support needed to bring legislation to the floor, allowing Republicans to pass legislation without Democrat support. The purpose of the resolution was simple, with Hughes saying “(p)artisan majority is a big deal.”

This is the second time since 2015 the threshold has been lowered as the number of Democrat senators continues to rise, squeezing the Republican majority.

Yes, partisan majority is a big deal when the plan is to run roughshod over nearly half the state’s population. In the 2020 election, Democrats accounted for 46.48% of votes cast, their highest percentage since their majority in 1976. Meanwhile, Republicans accounted for 52.06% of votes cast, their lowest percentage since 1996.

Senators would be wise to pay attention to voting trends, including their own continued need to lower the voting threshold — a move that could backfire if they lose another seat or two. Convincing debate, not lines drawn in the sand, should be the hallmark of great legislation.

Klark Byrd

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