Letter to the Editor

To see the true redemption

Of the black male;

Would be a vision that came to pass,

Like a long lived folk tale.

To reap all of the benefits

That were due him in life;

Would mean a heart that’s truly fulfilled,

And free from envy and strife.

If all of those wrongs,

Could now be made right;

He could live by the power of his tongue,

And walk in the force of his might.

If the law would see skin color

As a fleeting dark shadow;

No charges would be made against him,

And he would not be found in the ghetto.

If equal opportunity,

Could be found in the workplace;

He would always come to work early,

And never linger or hide his face.

If he could provide for his sons and daughters,

In an economy of fair market value;

He would live a life of contentment,

And trust the wife of true virtue.

If opportunity met him daily,

And presented him with chances “head-on”

We would understand the greatness of a black male,

And lean on him when we need someone strong.

Mary Brown


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