Letter to the Editor

It has been said silence is golden, but sometimes it’s just yellow. It’s with these thoughts I muster the courage to respond to two recent letters supporting the Confederate statue on the Lamar County Courthouse lawn.

Here are facts about the faces on the statute:

1. None of these men had any connection to Lamar County. None even visited Lamar County.

2. Two of the men never set foot in Texas.

3. The other two were Union officers stationed in Texas. These officers had sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. These men committed treason by becoming officers in a rebellion against the very country they took an allegiance to protect.

4. Lamar County is one of a few counties that voted not to secede from the United States. Countless men who served in the Confederacy did not own slaves, but that does not mean they were true believers in the cause. The penalty for not serving in the Confederacy was often death and/or destruction/confiscation of property. Neutrality or loyalty to the United States was impossible during this time. These poor, ordinary men, often conscripted (my relatives, maybe yours) were not heroes.

Mr. Brown, please do not tout the credentials of your family’s military service. There are many families who have just as strong or stronger military service as you and your family. However, this does not give any of us an upper edge in believing our opinion is more important in this matter than someone who has not served.

Everyone, please count me as opposed to keeping the monument to the so-called “Lost Cause” on the public courthouse lawn.

Linda Reynolds


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