The thing about moving is you have to get used to a new place and that requires finding things that are necessary to carry on as you did in the place you were before.

I am doing OK on that score, so far.

I have found two Whataburgers, which is a major plus in my eating manual. And if having two Whatabugers wasn’t enough, I have already found Burgerland that I am sure everyone else in Paris knows about because it serves up what a Texas hamburger was meant to be.

I have found French twirls at Brookshire’s, and that is as it should be since this is Paris.

By the way, I have also found out that this Paris we are in now may not have been named for the actual Paris in France. Somebody, I will not reveal my source, told me that this town was named for that ancient rapscallion who made off with Helen causing all sorts of meanness all over Europe and parts of the heavens back in those mythological times.

I have found chicken marsala, but no chicken saltimbocca. That must be an east of the Mississippi thing because I have not found it anywhere.

And I have found Dove bars that are necessary in order for me to function properly.

But it isn’t all about finding food I like. There are other things like finding a good place to live. That is something we all need, right? I found, with help, a nice apartment complex near The Paris News and that comes in very handy.

I have found it is easy to get around in Paris. I have encountered those irritating drivers who tear out from an intersection like they have somewhere to be in seconds only to poke along once they are in front of me. And people wonder what causes road rage.

One thing I have not found out is why the courthouse is not on the downtown square. Everybody who reads the Bible knows that when God created small town squares, He said “and let there be a courthouse there.” Granted I have not asked everyone yet, but I did Google it and only found out that there was a downtown fire back in 1916 that destroyed the Romanesque courthouse. But it wasn’t on the square. Rather, a well-to-do family donated an ornate fountain to go there in 1927, and it is still there today.

David Money is the assistant managing editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6964 or

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