Letter to the Editor

We are all experiencing this time,

that brings trials to the soul,

Whether you are rich, whether poor,

Whether lame or made whole.

We can each feel our brother’s,

and our sister’s deepest ‘sigh’,

while pondering deep within our hearts,

that one question, ‘why’?

We must remain knowledgeable,

Remain faithful, and true,

No one is exempt from troubles,

not me and not you!

This whole world has always had,

a few things in common,

We’re made by God, need help sometimes,

and were born of a woman.

Hard times will come,

but hard times will go,

Many people experience times,

when they cannot take anymo’

Each night brings darkness,

and each morning breeds light,

Let’s try our best to ‘hang in there,’

and not give up the fight,

Many shall rise victorious,

While some may fall ‘asleep’.

There will be grunts, moans and groans,

And many days that we will weep.

In this world you shall have tribulation,

Times of pain and unrest.

But it’s up to each and every one of us,

To give this fight our best.

And don’t forget to Love Your Neighbor,

Just as you love Yourself,

please leave a few rolls of toilet paper,

on that grocery store shelf.

Mary Brown


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