Lamar County commissioners on Monday made their nominations for this year’s History Maker of the Year. The Lamar County Historical Commission will make the decision and announce the winner Dec. 11.

But just being nominated for such an award is an award in itself. No matter who the Historical Commission chooses, each nominee’s contributions to Lamar County have been recognized by the representatives of our county’s highest government.

Nominees this year are Pat Bassano, former publisher of The Paris News; Travis Skidmore, Biardstown Volunteer Fire Department fire chief; Ronnie Nutt, longtime community activist; Quincy Blount, Lamar County Emergency Management coordinator; and the late Rita Jayne Haynes, former executive director of the Red River Valley Fair Association.

Each nominee has lived and worked in Lamar County. They’ve raised or are raising families here. This is their home, and they’ve relished in the opportunities that came before them to make it just a little bit better for everyone else. And there was no grumbling about it — they do that work with a smile on their face.

Each nominee deserves more than a congratulations for their selection to be this year’s History Maker of the Year. They deserve a massive thank you, especially since most of the work they do is either thankless or done behind the scenes. And the thing is — we bet money on it — each one would deflect that thank you to the men and women who supported them, who helped them, who worked alongside them to get the jobs done.

This year’s History Maker of the Year, no matter which nominee earns the award, will through their work serve as an inspiration to the next generation of community workers. While they are unlikely to do so, they should pause for a moment and take pride in the work they’ve done.

We are proud of them, of their work and of their desire to call Lamar County home. Thank you, History Maker nominees.

Klark Byrd

The Paris News Editorial Board publishes editorials on topics of local relevance on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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