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Safely exiting the Paris Towne Center during busy traffic times is a challenge for us all. I seem to wind up there every time I come to Paris because of the great selection of excellent stores.

I know that there are attempts to help the dangers of getting out of the center by closing the turnaround just south of the entrance ramp on Loop 286, but in my opinion this just pushed the traffic of those wanting to go north further south, where it is more difficult to turn around because of less time to judge the traffic going north that a driver has to blend into.

I feel that the safe solution would be to make the top of the entrance ramp that now exists (the one going east to the 286 ramp) a traffic-controlled crossover to those going south, those going north and those trying to go east on Highway 82. I know that this will be a challenge to the engineers and would be an expensive change, but there is now no traffic signal at all to help those trying to exit the Towne Center. Safety first!

I know that a signal on Lamar Avenue would probably not be as feasible because of the heavy volume of traffic at times, but that in itself, if done, would improve safety. Perhaps the business owners in the Towne Center could be asked if they think this would improve their bottom line by helping traffic safety.

Raymond M. Rosebrough


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I know that exiting onto the loop is dangerous, but so is the entrance on Lamar. The sensible thing is to prevent left turns (west bound traffic) into the shopping center from Lamar. Southbound traffic off of the loop should stay on the service road and enter just past Burger King ; the divided entrance in the middle; or in front of Belk. Drivers heading west should turn left onto the service and use one of the previous mentioned entrances. Northbound traffic should use the turnaround under the loop to the service road and use the same aforementioned entrances.

The safest way to exit the shopping center is by using the exit by Shogun. The only drivers that should use the exit on Lamar are those making a right turn onto Lamar.

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