Recently, in a rather haughty article entitled “‘Cancel culture’ is nothing new” on July 21, 2020, Sally Boswell comes down hard on Robert Unanue, CEO of Goya — one of the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned companies — because Mr. Unanue verbally and very publicly endorsed President Donald Trump’s leadership, then — sin of all progressive sins — didn’t recant when Hispanics, AOC and Hollywood elites all jumped on him with both feet.

To further her point, Ms. Boswell stated Trump and company acted like “fools” when they didn’t quietly accept cancel-culture threats of boycott against Mr. Unanue’s Goya products. In Boswell’s world, sounds like, cancel-culture actions have always been the norm, therefore, should be accepted with a big yawn. Excuse me, but I think I’m seeing results of that similar far-fetched reasoning in the flickering flames of some of our burning cities. In these riotous places, any thoughts or action against the mayhem is quickly discounted as unfair or authoritarian. Such narrow thinking risks societal chaos.

Of course, Boswell can’t resist pounding the nail a little deeper into the president’s coffin, labeling him a total racist and hypocritical hater of Hispanics far and near. To support her belief, she writes, “Unanue lauded Trump with the world’s media looking on, allowing himself to be recorded lavishing praise on a man who has no problem putting children in cages.” Apparently, Boswell didn’t know, or perhaps care, that Reuters Fact Check states: “The images do not show real children being held in small cages, nor is there any evidence that children are being kept in such cages in the U.S.” (Reuters, June 30, 2020). Never matter, it completes the picture she’s painting.

You wanna know Mr. Unanue’s real unpardonable sin? I don’t think it’s that he’s an always-Trumper, belligerently and sarcastically discounting customers and diverse cultures — after all, he also visited the White House during President Barack Obama’s term — nor is it that he “got all puffed up and mad” about people boycotting his products, as Ms. Boswell would like us believe. No, Mr. Unanue’s real fault is — from where the left looks down — having his own independent thoughts, and even worse, refusing to surrender his personal opinions by offering an appeasing, conscience-desecrating apology — and that can create quite an ire to those who want to control all cognitions.

At this point, in this good old USA, we still have a right to our own opinion, and not just that, but the freedom to express said opinion — and while mine may not necessarily agree with yours, agreement really shouldn’t be the goal, should it? But like Mr. Unanue, we must continue to speak up, my friend, for, if we aren’t careful, we can easily be muzzled by ridicule and intimidation.

Jim Millsap is a resident of Caviness.

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