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Over the weekend, the community has seen an ongoing rise in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations that follows the trend we are seeing in low-Covid vaccinated areas nationally. 

The Local Journalism Sustainability Act (LJSA) was recently introduced in the House and has now been introduced in the Senate — and will benefit every member of this community! Unlike many issues in Washington, this legislation has bipartisan support and is focused on delivering benefits to …

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Having grown up in Central Texas, I never gave much thought to the ocean. So I was surprised to learn that valuable ores can be mined from the seabeds of the world. The International Seabed Authority is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, in a building that looks like a cross between a priso…

I am starting a project to address cyberbullying on social media. There are plenty of programs about cyberbullying, but unfortunately not a universal plan to eliminate this problem plaguing society.