10-15 north Lamar football 2

Pictured, North Lamar running back Blayce Walton runs the ball upfield in a previous game against Canton earlier in the season. The Panthers took on the defending-state champion Pleasant Grove Hawks on riday, coming away with the loss

The schedule-makers weren’t kind to North Lamar with their placement of the team’s game against the Pleasant Grove Hawks. Since coming out of quarantine, the Panthers have not been able to put any points on the board and a game against the defending state champions didn’t help matters.

The Pleasant Grove offense found their stride early and the defense swarmed all night as they defeated the North Lamar Panthers 56–0.

The Pleasant Grove attack started on the first play from scrimmage, when the Hawks running back took the handoff and darted his way past the defense for a 69-yard score.

On their first possession of the game, the Panthers’ offense generated a first down but that was it. They were forced to punt to the Hawks.

This time, the Hawks moved the ball down the field and capped it off with another touchdown. It was the second of three touchdowns in the quarter.

The Hawks had a chance to score a fourth time in the first, but the North Lamar defense came up with a huge stop. With the ball sitting inside the North Lamar 20 yard line, the Hawks tried a pass play. The receiver, after catching the ball, made a move and started for the end zone.

As he reached the goal line, he was hit by Carter Renfro, causing the ball to pop out. Kevin Dyck jumped on the loose ball for North Lamar, causing a touchback and keeping the Hawks from scoring.

North Lamar, unable to capitalize, had to punt the ball away on the ensuing possession, however.

The Hawks would score on their next trip down the field.

For the night, the Hawks had 10 possessions and scored on seven of them. North Lamar will regroup and welcome the Pittsburg Pirates to R.L. Maddox stadium on Friday night for a 7:30 kickoff.

Both are looking for their first win of the season.

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